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Why You're Not Seeing Results: Top 5 Reasons

We are at that time of year where you start to see the gym thin out. A lot of the people who started the year signing up for a gym hoping this would be the year they achieve their dream bodies start to lose hope. Keeping to an exercise program is not easy but there are common pit falls that you can avoid.

1. Setting Unrealistic Goals

This is a mistake a lot of us make. We see the amazing bodies on magazines and television and we say to ourselves that is the body I want. While achieving a Michael B. Jordan-esque body is not impossible, it does take time. It seems to be a common misconception that after a couple months at the gym you should look like an Instagram fitness model. When people then do not look like this they start to give up and think that body type is unobtainable for them. Getting into shape is a long, hard process and if you are just starting to work out then setting a smaller goal to achieve will help you see the progress and keep you on track. The next reason will help dive into this a little further.

2. Not Setting Short-Term Goals

If achieving that Instagram fitness model body is really what you want to achieve. Setting short-term goals will help keep you to this fitness goal. Achieving this body type is not going to be an overnight process. If you set a short-term goal like losing 10lbs a month will help you feel like you are achieving success in the gym and keep you dedicated to your long-term goal.

3. Not Knowing How to Use the Equipment

Signing up somewhere to reach your fitness goals can be an intimidating thing. You walk in and see the people who have been working out there for years and you may feel inadequate. You then try to overcompensate for this feeling and start using equipment you have never seen before and potentially using it improper. This is a common feeling an we have all felt this when we first started, but by doing this you will not get the results you were hoping for. The best way to avoid this is to sign up for a personal trainer. This person you can confidentially let know where you are at fitness wise and have them show you the ropes so you can avoid that feeling of feeling foolish by asking someone else in the gym.

4. Missing The Diet Portion

When starting at the gym most people think that just working out will help them achieve their goals and they can keep eating whatever they want because they are burning the calories. While this might give you some short-term progress you will eventually hit a plateau and you can even start to slide backwards. When this starts to happen people tend to give up. Dieting is a huge component of fitness and without it you will see very little progress. You need to set a food program just as much as you need to set a workout program. These two things together will help you make progress and stay dedicated. Remember six-packs are made in the kitchen not the gym.

5. Making Working Out a Chore

Sure, working out can be hard and you will need to push yourself at times. If you are not doing a program you actually enjoy you will start to view your workout as a chore and the last thing anyone wants is to add another chore to his or her life. This will inevitably lead to you giving up on working out. This is an easy one to fix. If you are not enjoying your workout routine stop it and find a form of fitness you actually enjoy. When you find a routine you actually find fun it will keep you committed for the long haul because you look forward to it.


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