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What Makes Us Elite

We Use 3d bodyscan technology to create the Perfect program for you

We send personal trainers to your home or apartment gyms, at your choice of time.

  • Convenient appointment & 24hr customer support

  • Customized training sessions & nutrition guidance

  • Educational approach in all our sessions

  • Private workout environment 

  • Certified trainers' network 

What To Expect In Your Consultation? 

  • Total body assessment  

  • Health level analysis 

  • Tailored 40-min workout session 

  • Nutritional Recommendation 

  • Goal Setting 

You decide whether or not to enroll after the test workout session. 

Your Journey Begins Here!!


Schedule a consultation with a P.T. counselor for a total body assessment, a breakdown of your current level of health, a tailored 40-minute workout session, nutritional recommendations,  and goal setting.