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Your Journey Begins Here!!


Are you tired of dealing with a crowd of people every time you go to the gym? Sick of waiting for certain equipment or machines to become available, only to have someone else grab it before you? At Elite Home Fitness in Weston, we have a solution just for you. We know the drive it takes to get ready, walk out the door, and make your way to the gym — especially if you are just starting out on your fitness journey. That’s why we decided to make it easier, and much more convenient, to get the help you need to start crushing your goals.

At Elite, we offer in-home personal trainers who come straight to your Weston, MA doorstep. Our trainers work with you one-on-one in the comfort of your home, making it easier than ever to get your workout in, get in shape, and feel great. Keep reading to learn more, and book a consultation with us today!

Convenient One-On-One Training

If you’re just starting out on your health and fitness journey, it’s important to receive all the support and encouragement you can get. Our personal trainers come to your Weston home with all of the equipment needed for an intense workout, just like you would get at the gym! We’ll work with you to develop a fitness program that is unique to you and your goals, and we’ll even take monthly measurements, complete monthly fitness tests, and more to track your progress.

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Woman cooking

Elite Ready-Made, Macro-Friendly Meal Delivery

One of the most important things to focus on in your journey back to healthy living is your eating habits. If you’re only focused on working out every day, but you’re not paying attention to what you’re putting in your body, you may find that it’s a lot harder to reach where you want to be. 


That’s why, at Elite Home Fitness, we also provide nutritional support in the form of meal delivery straight to your Weston, MA doorstep. Our nutrition experts will work with you to determine which of our meal plans is right for you, and you can choose between getting 2, 3, or 4 ready-made and macro-friendly meals delivered to your home each week. 

Custom Training Packages Tailored To You

At Elite Home Fitness in Weston, we know that no two health and fitness journeys are alike. Maybe you’re not sure about personal training, and you want to start with a 3-month commitment. Or perhaps you’re dedicated to transforming your lifestyle and ready to commit to a 12-month membership. Whatever the case, we have an option for you.

Each Elite Home Fitness membership includes 2, 3, or 4 in-home training sessions per week, adjustable fitness regimens that are unique to your goals, monthly measurements, check-ins, fitness tests, and more. 

Man and woman working out

Working out in a big, loud, impersonal gym just doesn’t work for most of us. So what makes us so different?

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Why Elite?

Beyond the convenience of having a personal trainer come to you, there are many benefits of signing up for an Elite In-Home Fitness membership. Gone are the days of busy gyms and unavailable equipment. With Elite, you’ll have access to your own personal fitness coach and nutritionist for a luxurious training experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


Better yet, if you love your experience with us, we’ll reward you for every referral you bring our way! Check out some of the fun benefits we offer for our most loyal members and book your consultation today. 

If you live in Weston, MA and you’re ready to take your health and fitness journey to the next level, reach out to us at Elite Home Fitness right away. There’s no better way to get the support you need to reach your goals than with a mobile gym and trainer that come right to your Weston front door. Book your consultation now!


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