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Why Post-Workout Stretches Matter

Stretching before a workout is generally a good habit for anybody. It helps loosen and warm-up your muscles, but it's also beneficial to stretch after a workout too! A post-workout stretch is beneficial, especially after intense exercise. It can help reduce Lactic Acid buildup and muscle recovery. Here are a few post-workout stretches that'll help the acheyness:

1.This stretch is generally called the Runner's Stretch. You perform this by sticking out one leg in front of you and your other leg tucked into your thigh, leaning forward into your outstretched leg, then alternating legs. This stretch is great for sore hamstrings, lower-backs, and calves.

2.The cobra stretch is one of best if you're trying to stretch your abs and core. You do it by laying face down with your palms flat below your shoulders, push up, then stretch out your upper body using only your arms.

3.The next stretch is optimally done with a partner, but can be done alone as well. This stretch is performed by laying on your back and raising one leg straight up toward the ceiling. At this point, if you have a partner, have them put your outstretched leg against their torso, and then lean into it–forcing your leg to move further back. Keep pressing until it you can't go further. Alternatively, if you're alone, you can pull back on your leg with the opposite arm while keeping the other leg straight. You should feel slight discomfort as you're doing this, like the back of your leg is burning. Start where it's comfortable, and then slowly pull back.


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