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Weight Loss Begins With A Single Step

Have you made a resolution to lose weight this year? You aren’t the only one. However, as millions of other people know, it isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. It is a decision but a difficult one to maintain. It is a decision you must make for yourself every day at every meal and temptation. It all starts with you wanting something better for yourself.

So you’ve resolved to lose weight and you decide to start eating healthier and exercise more. You do this for a day or two: no sweat. Then you get hungry and start craving food. Maybe you drive by your favorite restaurant or see a plate of your favorite snack. You give into your desire and eat something you said you wouldn’t. At this point, many people will think, “Oh well, maybe next year.”

If this situation sounds familiar to you or you’ve experienced it yourself, consider a different perspective when it comes to dieting. Making yourself eat healthy and in smaller portions requires a lot of willpower and discipline. It’s like trying to quit smoking. Just like someone who’s trying to quit smoking cigarettes, someone who’s trying to eat healthier will slip up and give into their cravings naturally.

The most crucial thing is to not give up. If you went two days without junk food before caving in, then you should be proud of yourself. That’s two days you maintained self control and discipline. Go for four or six days next. The diet only ends when you give up. Don’t underestimate yourself or your ability to improve. It won’t happen in a week or overnight, but if you can keep incrementally improving yourself, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. You might not be able to suddenly be where you want to be, but you can undoubtedly get to where you want to go with a single step at a time and perseverance.


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