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Move Your Body With Calisthenic Stretching

Stretching is one of the best ways to prepare your body for exercise. There are an innumerable amount stretches you can find and perform yourself with simple search on the internet. However, it’s likely that you’ll be suggested many static stretches—stretches where you don’t move, and they are very useful. Static Stretches are even more effective if you do Calisthenic Stretches—stretches that require movement, in conjunction with them.

Calisthenic Stretches are useful for mimicking natural body movement and allows you to use movement and momentum to stretch your joints, tendons, and muscles simultaneously. Although they require more effort, anyone can learn these stretches with relative ease. The key is repetition and correct form.

1. Walking Lunges

One stretch that many will be familiar with is called the Walking Lunge. The motions of this stretch appear simple enough, but to get the most of the stretch, one must keep their hips forward and their torso upright.

2. Alternating Side Lunges

This next exercise may remind you of a favorite superhero. The key to an effective Side Lunge is to keep the opposite leg straight as you lunge. So, if you’re lunging to the left, then keep your right leg straight all the way through.

3. High Kicks or Frankenstein’s Walk

This stretch is best done by hold out your arms in front of you, and trying to kick your hands. Try to do this consecutively, alternating with each leg for the best stretch.

4. Knee to Chest

The trick to this stretch is to really pull your knee into your torso and hold it there for a second or two. Don’t forget to keep your balance!

5. Calf Stretches

Perform this simple stretch by planting your heel a foot in front you with each step, and then reaching down and try to reach and pull on your toes.


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