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How to get a good night’s rest

Proper rest is a very essential part of our daily routines that help keep us healthy and fit. If you ask most adults, a great nights rest is something most rarely get. This will not only leave you feeling weak and sluggish during the day it will also lead to your immune system being week. This is why we need to stop taking our rest for granted and get the great nights rest we all deserve.

There are several factors that can leave us tossing and turning at night when we finally lay our heads down. One of the main problems in our modern age is too much blue light exposure leading up to bed. These blue lights come from out phones, televisions, and computers. We spend most of our days and evening staring at these devices, which can knock our circadian rhythm out of whack.

Circadian rhythm is our body’s internal clock that tells us when to wake up and when to sleep. This is one thing we need to keep on track if you want to get a full nights rest. To help keep this in check is to try and keep a sleep schedule for yourself. This means trying to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. Your body will eventually learn this schedule and you will naturally start to feel tired at night and leave you waking up feeling refreshed.

While you are working to get your circadian rhythm on a schedule try to avoid too much caffeine and mid-day naps. These will lead to you not being able to fall asleep well at night. I know it feels like the easy fix when you’re at the office to grab for a cup of coffee to help you get through that 2pm slump. The problem with this is caffeine amps up your nervous system and will make it hard to relax and fall asleep. The same goes for naps.

Now that we know what can negatively affect our sleep lets talk about what we can do to improve our sleep. One of the most important things is making sure our bedroom is a comfortable place. This means having a clean and relaxing bedroom. If your bedroom is a mess it will make it harder for your mind to relax. It’s as easy if your room is cluttered it will lead to your mind being cluttered.

You will also want to make sure you have your room at a cool and comfortable temperature for yourself. We all have probably been lying in bed during summer when it’s hot outside and inside and you toss and turn because you cannot get comfortable. You want your body to be able to relax when you lay in bed so if your body is too hot or cold it will make your body tense up making a great nights rest almost impossible.

There are also a few things you can do before you even lay in bed to make your rest better. One thing you can do is exercise this will help release all the extra energy from the day and leave your body ready for bed. Just make sure you don’t exercise right before you go to bed. Another thing studies suggest is to take a warm shower this is a great way to help our bodies and minds relax before laying down for the evening. Even if you do not want to shower at night soaking your feet in warm water has revealed the same relaxing effects. Lastly turn off those devices that emit blue light and try to let your mind relax for at least an hour before bed. All this will leave your body ready for sleep and help your mind be relaxed to keep you asleep.


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