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How Elite Home Fitness is Changing the Fitness Industry by Sending Personal Trainers to Your Home or

Boston, MA, - The fitness industry has certainly changed within the past few years and is only becoming more innovative to gym-goers. But the recent pandemic has changed routines for many people, some for the best and others for the worst. Current reports state that sixty-one percent of adults have experienced undesired weight changes since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy changes in eating habits, and increased alcohol consumption are all contributing factors, with many losing interest in gaining back their workout routines. In an effort to get people back on track with their fitness goals, Boston-based company Elite Home Fitness is exercising their clients the intent to get them to fall in love with fitness long-term by any means necessary.

Often times the most common reasons why people start and stop exercising. From excuses of not having enough time to previous injuries that prevent solid fitness or just not enjoying it anymore, people find their way to slither out of their routines. Especially during the recent events that kept people from attending gyms, it forced everyone to have to revamp and, in many cases, just stop altogether. As things begin to go back to normal and offices, schools, and workplaces reopen, people are starting to take their health more seriously now than ever before. Elite Fitness has taken notice and of the needs in their community, branching their services to extend further by meeting clients exactly where they are, even at their jobs.

“We know everyone wants to get back to normal, and they want the same for their bodies as well. Elite Fitness is doing everything to ensure you meet your fitness goals, and we’re debunking every myth and obstacle to make it happen”, says director Luis Mendoza. Elite Home Fitness transcends the concept of working out by eliminating excuses and sending trainers directly to homes, apartment complexes, and even offices. Their teams of certified trainers create intentional programs that guide clients in the right direction and help them sustain long-term results. With a wide variety of training options such as kickboxing, obstacle course, bodybuilding, cardio, and more, they transform any area into a fitness arena in less than 5 minutes. In honoring their commitment to care for the clients on more than just fitness, they also offer nutritional guidance that incorporates ongoing support to meet personal goals. Making exercise accessible can reintroduce the body to a healthy routine that can set anyone up for success. Elite Home Fitness is dedicated to providing innovative workout programs for everyone because even if you can’t always make it to the gym, we will always find a time to make it to you.

For more information on Elite Home Fitness, visit their company website at and be sure to follow them on social media @EliteHomeFitness for updates!


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