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Couples Who Stay Fit Together, Stay Together

Your life partner is supposed to be your biggest cheerleader, your supporter in everything you do. So, if you have your sights set on a fitness goal, why not get your biggest fan on the program, too? Working out as a couple is a great way to stay motivated and make health a long-term commitment. Plus, there are so many fun ways to get fit together!

When you set a fitness goal with your partner, you automatically have someone to keep you motivated (and who you are there to motivate, as well!). Getting fit becomes a team effort, rather than an individual endeavor. When you get home from work and you don’t feel like putting in the extra effort to do a workout, you have someone there to say, “Hey, I’m tired, too, but let’s do this!” You owe it both to yourself and to your fitness buddy to stick to your goals.

With two people, you have way more options for working out! Partner yoga (or acroyoga) is an increasingly popular couples workout. The flyer gets an awesome core workout while the base gets a workout on their arm and leg muscles. This workout is fresh and fun. Plus, you’ll look super cool doing it. Can you say #relationshipgoals?

Dance is another great way to get in shape together. From salsa to tango, partner dancing is a surefire way to get your heart pumping. Plus, it’s a great bonding activity because dancing is outside of a lot of people’s comfort zones. You’ll feel great letting your guard down with each other, and who knows… maybe you’ll bust out some moves at the next musical gathering you attend.

Training for athletic competitions is another way that a lot of couples stay in shape together. There are tons of competitions for every level and interest, from 2K’s to Tough Mudders. These types of events are especially good for keeping both of you motivated because there is a concrete goal with a deadline at the end of it, and chances are, you’ll grow closer through training for and completing your goal.

Cooking healthy meals is another great way to get healthy together. Cooking is so much fun because you can tailor it to whatever you want it to be! Are you interested in finding quick and easy recipes for on the go? Do you want to put a healthy spin on Italian? The sky is the limit! There are endless healthy recipes that can be found from a quick online search or with the purchase of a healthy cookbook. What better way to relax and refuel after a hard couples workout?

This Valentine’s Day, be sure to get a sweat in with your main squeeze! Elite Home Fitness offers couples packages to make working out with your valentine as easy and convenient as can be, right in the comfort of your own home.


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