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Boston’s Based Elite Home Fitness Delivers Fitness At Home – Here’s How.

Good news for the fitness enthusiasts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Elite Home Fitness delivers the best in-home & luxury residential personal training and customized fitness plans for every individual. Elite Home Fitness sends personal trainers to its clients' homes at the time they choose. The company believes that "the future of fitness is close to home – at home, on your time."

Elite Home Fitness brings Personalized meal plans from Certified Nutritionists, the best-in-class personalized fitness training with experienced trainers, and more to the trainees' doorstep. Elite Home Fitness works hand-in-hand with residential communities throughout all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It hosts multiple events per week at each residence–featuring its representatives, free fitness evaluations, free goodies, personal training, and even group demo classes.

"Personal training is more than a physical work-in-progress. Our team of experts not only promises to help you reach your physical goals, but we also stress the importance of fitness on our mental health. Training with us will give you a complete makeover–from the mind, out", says Asley Gomez, the Founder of Elite Home Fitness.

Elite Home Fitness has already worked with hundreds of clients, and they have only good things to say. Here are some testimonials from its happy clients:

"I am a busy Boston attorney who is always on the go and never has time to make it to the gym. Came across Elite from a referred friend. Great company, very professional and knowledgeable trainers'', said Korey Watson, 35.

"The knowledge, professionalism, and kindness the trainer, Louis, showed me is unwatchable. You are lucky to have him a part of your team", said Noreen C, giving Elite Home Fitness a 5-Star rating.

At Elite Home Fitness, there is a 24-hours Customer Support Helpline, and every training session can be rated, thus valuing customer feedback. FInd out more, here.

For more information, contact:

Elite Home Fitness

Ashely Gomez



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