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5 Exercises to Jump-Start Your 2019 Fitness Goals

Everyone wants to get in shape for the new year, but not everybody knows how. These five exercises are a few great ways to get a quick and effective workout to get you into the habit of that healthy lifestyle we long for every new year.

Pistol Squat

This exercise, although difficult at first, is a great way to strengthen your legs, improve your balance, and sharpen your motor skills. To start this exercise, you start by raising one foot off the ground. Next, bend your knee and try to sit back as much as you can (imagine you're sitting back in a chair.) This exercise will take some practice to get used to, but its benefits are worth it.

Source: Giphy

Plyometric Pushups (Clap Push-Ups)

This is a great exercise to test your strength and endurance, while keeping the blood pumping. It targets your Abdominal Muscles, Deltoids, and Pectorals in a normal push-up position. Then, you bring your body down barely touching the ground with your chest, squeeze your shoulders back, and push up as hard and as powerfully as you can. As you feel your momentum shift up, you can bring your hand together in a clapping motion. Try doing these for twenty seconds and you're sure to be feel your heart beating!

Source: Pump Up

Reverse-Leg Raises

This exercise is one of the best for training the abdominal region. To do this exercise, you lay down flat on your back with your feet straight up in the air. Then, bend them towards your chest and push them straight out. Raise them up in the upright position again and repeat.

Source: Imgur

Scapular Pushups

This is an easy exercise that helps increase endurance and strength in your shoulders and traps. It can feel like an awkward exercise, but it goes a long way to increase your flexibility and range of motion. To do this, you simply go into a normal push up position, but instead of bending your elbows to go up and down, you'll use your shoulders . By squeezing your shoulders and upper back together and then pushing them apart, you'll be able to slightly move up and down.

Source: Giphycat/ Andrew Sacks

Heel Touches

It's recommended that you do these in high reps so you'll feel the full effect. To do these, you'll get in a sit-up position with your feet flat on the ground. You’ll slow raise your knees to your chest and slowly let your heels touch the ground. Rinse and repeat. It's an effective way to start working your abdominal muscles if you’re a beginner.

Souce: Gifycat/Healthline

All these exercises are beginner-friendly, simple and easy enough for you to do right at home. They don't require any equipment, and all will help you have a solid home workout to start the year off. Simple and basic training like these easy options can help some individuals transition into fitness more swiftly. Personal training is a great way to ensure your safety at all points of exercise, while also becoming familiar with your body. Some of these exercises will require practice and some will be very difficult to master–however, if you keep at it, you'll be feeling better and looking better for this new year!


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