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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Everyone wants a flat stomach. It doesn't matter if your fitness goals are to put on muscle or lose weight everyone wants the tight, flat abdomen. It is the aesthetic of the flat stomach that just seems to instantly boost your confidence and make you seem more attractive to others. Although it seems to be the toughest accomplishment in the fitness world that is because it is tough to keep your metabolism running fast to melt that fat off your abs. Here are 3 easy ways to boost your metabolism and help get that last layer of fat off your stomach.

1. Green Tea


Green tea has actually been shown to boost your metabolism by 4-5%. This is because green tea helps take stored fats and make them free fatty acids, easier for the body to burn as fuel. This is a great way to get rid of some of that pesky fat that is hiding behind your abs. Another added bonus is green tea is very low in calories and if you drink a few cups of just green tea a day, you will end up burning more calories than the calories consumed by drinking the tea. Who could ask for anything better than that?

2. Cook with Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is high in medium chain fatty acids, whereas butter is full of long chain fatty acids. These medium chain fatty acids are digested differently than the long chained fatty acids in the body. Medium chain fatty acids are sent directly to the liver where they are able to be immediately used as energy. Coconut oil is actually known to be thermogenic, meaning it helps the body produce heat, raising the body's metabolic rate. Many people say food tastes better cooked with coconut oil than butter, in addition to its healthy alternative advantages.

3. Hot Sauce


Hot sauce, like coconut oil, helps boost the body's internal temperature, helping you burn more calories. The reason hot sauce does this is, because like most spicy foods, it has caspician in it. This is what helps raise your body's internal temperature. This is great, because if you are trying to slim down and are eating less, your body tends slows down your metabolism.

There are still debates on how much hot sauce will really help boost your metabolism, but there are studies that have proven its validity. The studies have shown that people who were trying to lose weight and ate meals with hot sauce were more full and satisfied after eating than those who did not. A study published in the June 2014 issue of Appetite found that even if someone was allowed to eat as much as they wanted with spice, they were more likely to be satisfied quicker and eat less..


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